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Agave potatorum by Brian Kemble

Agave potatorum is one of Oaxaca's signature agaves, found at many localities in the state and in neighboring parts of Puebla.

Aloe rubroviolacea by Brian Kemble

Endemic to Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia, this aloe gets it name from the red-violet leaves when grown in bright light, favoring the milder winters of the Bay Area.

Conophytum—pt. 1, by Fred Dortort

The classic conophytum shape is like a cluster of tiny, speckled grapes, but others look like flattened, fuzzy buttons or miniature high-peaked saddles, strange little semi-spherical blobs, or even purple cocktail onions.

Conophytum—pt. 2, by Fred Dortort

Continuing the analysis.

A Few Oddities —pt. 2, by Fred Dortort

Begonias, philodendrons, and other unlikely plants which have adapted with succulent traits.

A Portable Succulent Greenhouse for Mild-Weather Climates on a Budget, by D Russell Wagner

Plans for a portable 20 x 24' greenhouse, fully furnished, that costs about $3800, or about $10 per square foot of useful bench space.

Sedum treleasei , by Brian Kemble

Plants classified in the genus Sedum are widespread around the northern hemisphere, occurring in Asia and Europe as well as North America.

Showing your plants at NORCAL—Some things to consider, by D Russell Wagner

Showing off your plants, even at a competitive show, need not be a high-stress experience.

Strange Places part 1: The Richtersveld , by Fred Dortort

Rather than discuss various genera and species of succulent plants, I'll be writing about some of the really strange places where some of these plants are found.

Strange Places part 2: The Richtersveld , by Fred Dortort

A Continuation...

Succulent Euphorbias—pt. 1, by Fred Dortort

An in-depth analysis of the plethora of succulent euphorbias around the world.

Succulent Euphorbias—pt. 2, by Fred Dortort

An in-depth analysis of the plethora of succulent euphorbias around the world.

What is an Echeveria?, by Gary Ware

The genus Echeveria is a group of succulent perennials which are found mostly in Mexico, with their range extending northward to Texas and southward into Central America and down along the Andes Mountains in South America.

Who Am I To Judge, by Stephen Lysaght

Insightful thoughts on the prospects of judging a plant show with advice for those wishing to participate in such events.

Yucca brevifolia—The Joshua Tree, by Elton Roberts

Elton Roberts traveled to the deserts of Southern California after a recent wildfire... here is what he found in one case.