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The Miniature Jewels of Mexico

By Wendell S. (Woody) Minnich

Location: Auditorium in the San Francisco County Fair Building, 9th Ave and Lincoln Way, San Francisco MAP

The Miniature Jewels of Mexico presentation features the often rare, but always tiny, species of cacti and other succulents that are found in the vast country of Mexico. This presentation includes Woody's photos and experiences covering 45 years of exploring almost all of this, the most cactus rich country in the world. We will see Mammillarias, Ariocarpus, Turbinicarpus, Thelocactus, Strombocactus, Aztekiums, Gymnocactus, Astrophytums, Escobarias, Coryphanthas, Geohintonias, Echeverias, Sedums etc., traveling through such famous regions as the Sonoran Desert, the Chihuahuan desert, the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental.

These miniature plants are some of the most beautiful and intriguing of all the cacti and succulents in the world. Their geometric patterns and their sculptural shapes, often adorned by intense colors, make most of them real collector's items. This talk will also address the uniqueness of each species and explore its historical background and relationships with field workers from the past to the present. An added bonus from this program is, for those of us with limited growing space, learning just how many species we can keep in an area the size of a coffee table! The presentation will include species brand new to the cactus world.

Woody has been in the cactus hobby for some 45 years and belongs to many cactus and succulent clubs, having served in positions such as president, newsletter editor, show chairman, etc. on many occasions. He is an honorary life member of nine clubs as well as a life member and Fellow of the CSSA (Cactus & Succulent Society of America.) He has done extensive field work studying primarily the cactus family, and has traveled around the world to see and photograph succulent plants in habitat. His photos have been widely published. Woody is known for his cactus and succulent nurs- ery, Cactus Data Plants, specializing in show specimens and rare cacti and other succulents.

What to bring:

For the Show & Tell table, we will feature Asclepiads on the succulent side (including Stapeliads such as Caral- luma, Huernia and Stapelia, as well as other Asclepiads like Hoya, Ceropegia and Fockea). On the cactus side, we will feature miniature cacti. As always, feel free to bring in anything at all that you would like to share. Please bring baked goodies, fruit, snack food or a beverage if your last name begins with the letters S to Z and A to B, and any other members who would like to contribute this month.

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